Fireproof doors are an important element in providing passive fire protection for civil and industrial  buildings.
Whether the door has one leaf or two, sliding or  wooden  ,  Fire resistant doors,  ensure insulation  fire for 30 min, 60 min or 120 min.

The most simple and practical doors are made of bended steel riveting, and inside there is high density wool, which provides thermal insulation during the fire.

Single or double doors can be made to the required dimensions of the project (maximum of 4000x4000 mm ) and can be equipped with self-closing hinges with springs or damper and  electromagnet system.

In fire  escape doors in buildings with large number of people, traditional door handles were replaced with anti-panic bars to ensure safety and functionality of the door during fire.

Fireproof doors sold CONECO ROMANIA can equip with automatic fall sill gasket. This solution gives smoke tightness (class S60), and an ideal acoustic insulation.
Sliding doors are normally in “ open position”  and close only during the fire. In open position, the electromagnetic contact is connected to fire alarm installation. It is possible that these doors to be fitted with electric drive, which automatically open and close the gate during a normal exploitation.


Additional and optional accessories include:

  • various types of locks and handles
  • anti-panic bars
  • steel fender beams
  • ventilation grills
  • threshold strips
  • umbrella roofs for external doors
  • door closers and “door leaves selectors”
  • self-closing hinge which, in exceptional cases, may perform the function of a self-closing device. 

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