The product PARAFOC - F can be used with success for fire protection of the reinforced concrete slabs.

PARAFOC - F is a fire resistant product based on mineral wool,cement addition, bentonite and other additives, in different proportions, embedded in manufacturing process. It can be applied using an special pneumatic machine, by spraying directly on the surface which has to be fire protected. The speed of application, the easy way to clean the adjacent areas, also its low weight make this product be very Effective and ECONOMICAL.

The fire resistance of concrete elements, protected with PARAFOC - F mortar, can be prolong without getting at the critical temperature of 550 Celsius degrees. With other words, low thermical conductibility properties of the PARAFOC - F mortar helps this product to be an very good material for passive protection.

The thickness of the necessary PARAFOC - F layer is different, depending by the element which must be protected, concrete quality and the thickness of the covering concrete layer.

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