Fire-resistant walls are very  important to limit the  fire spread in case of fire
CONECO ‘s Fire-resistant walls  can provide protection for 90 min, 120 min, 180 min or 240 min.
They are composed of a lightweight steel frame ( CW shape ) , high density wool ( more than 80-100 Kg/mc )  and  different type of  boards, depending on required fire resistance and design specifications.
Boards have the size of 1220 x 2440, and their thickness and composition may vary depending on destination and fire resistance imposed.
- Gypsum - boards
- Magnesium Boards
- Calcium Silicate Boards
These are non load bearing walls and can be easily used  to satisfy the  fire safety of civil and industrial  buildings .
Finishing the  joints will be done traditionally with plaster based , pasta , and the after on the surface of the boards any kind of  finish desired by client can be applied  (tile, wallpaper, paint washable)
On request we can provide installation cost, with their teams, anywhere you  need fire-resistant walls.

Ask walls now offer RF 90 min, 120 min, 180 min or 240 min