Mortar - Fire protection between 15 and 240 minutes

Fire protection structural steelworks can be realized with the product PARAFOC - F. In case of fire this is an non-reactive fire resistant coaing, and it is applied with a pneumatic special machine, by being spray directly on the support that must be protected.

By using the table dection factor characteristics from Technical Agreement,the thickness of mortar can be determined for the fire protection of steelworks with resistance time between 15 minutes and 240 minutes. The layer's thickness that must be applied is determined by 3 factors :

  • The fire protection resistance time - inquired in project
  • Section factor of the element that must be protected ( Hp/A )
  • Critical temperature of steel structure as it is defined by the construction engineer

Minimal thickness of the mortar application is 10 mm. PARAFOC - F mortar can be applied on any profile made of steel with opened shape or closed shape, even on profiles without anti corrosive protection. ( without primers )

The speed of application, the easy way to clean the area where the product is applied, also it's small weight, make this product to be very efficient and economically, being considered the best and cheapest solution for fire protection, in case of higher office buildings.

The application efficiency can be between 50 - 150 square meters/day, depending of the adjustment of spraying machine and the thickness of the mortar layer. The product PARAFOC - F is not corrosive, is not toxic and doesn't contain asbestos. It's density is 250 Kg/ cm and it can protect elements with section factor up to 400 m.

The product's application manual, and also product's application Inspection manual, are available at client's request.