Fire Resistant paint - Fire protection between 15 and 120 minutes

Intumescent paints are passive-reactive protections, which applied on structural steelworks surfaces, are increasing their fire resistance, by forming an layer of insulating foam.

This product is applied by spraying process, with professional installations, with brush or roller on steel surfaces protected against corrosion with compatible primers.

Using the table with section factors from the Technical Agreement, the thickness of paint's layer for fire protection can be determined, with fire resistance between 15 minutes and 120 minutes. The thickness of the layer which must be applied is established depending on 3 factors:

  • The fire resistance time required by the project
  • Section factor of the element that needs to be fire-protected
  • Steel structure's critical temperature as it is defined by the construction engineer

INTUMESCENT PAINT designed for interior use,but can be also used in exterior of the buildings with the condition of applying a recommended topcoat after the intumescent paint. Fire resistance can be assured up to 120 minutes. It is recommended usage of the Intumescent paint, especially in the places where the steelworks remain visible (Auto showroom, hypermarket, presentation halls).

Over the final layer of the Intumescent paint it can be applied a finishing paint, ( topcoat ) but only in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. This topcoat can be also color paint

INTUMESCENT PAINT does not generate smoke and toxic gases. INTUMESCENT PAINT products durability is at least 10 years, in conditions of correct application, according with manufacturer's instructions, correlated with Romanian technical norms in effect and in conditions of normal operation.