PARAFOC F - protection for ventilation ducts

Most of new constructions are crossed by installations, which can be wires, pipes, ducts, ventilation ducts, etc.

These continuous installations have an effect on fire partition elements, allowing the smoke and fire to pass between different fire divisions compartments.

Now, the fire protection of the ventilation and smoke evacuation ducts can be realized with PARAFOC - F - fire resistance mortar.

RF 60 min - Necessary thickness of mortar is 15 mm
RF 120 min - Necessary thickness of mortar is 25 mm

PARAFOC - F mortar is a fire resistant product, based on mineral wool, cement addition, bentonite and another additives in different proportions, embedded in fabrication process. The product is applied with a pneumatic special machine, and it is sprayed directly on the ducts which need fire protection. The speed of application, the easy way to clean adjacent application areas, also its very low weight, make this product to be very efficient ECONOMICALLY and it confers to the protected ducts a very high standard of fire protection.

For realizing the fire protection work, is recommended to mount an iron net on the duct before spraying with PARAFOC - F mortar, to ensure optimum adhesion.

The spraying solution for ventilation ducts made of steel sheet with minimum thickness of 0.8 mm can be realized very easy with PARAFOC - F, being very economic in comparison with traditional alternatives.

The application capability can be between 50 - 150 / mp / day for a team. The product, in normal condition, is rogues, with an uniform configuration, dirty-white color, but it can be planed with a plastic roller and afterwards painted in a color that the client requires.

Another alternative solution for design,is fixing an aluminum hardened foil above the duct after the fire protection has been done.