Escape hatches are automatic smoke exhaust systems in case of fire. The main role of hatches is to release  smoke, fire gases and heat from indoors (production halls, storage, civil buildings) to the outside of building, in this way  contributing to the protection of life and material goods.
Advantages of escape hatches:
- keeping the fire  escape routes free of dangerous smoke during the fire  

- Reducing the risk of severe damage to building elements by releasing the fire  heat , outside
- Reduction of gas fire and reduce the chances of suffocation to persons inside the building after fire broke out.
- Facilitate access for fire crews
Smoke hatches  can be done on one or two wings, on pedestals rectangular or oblique.
Hatches smoke evacuation systems are offered with the following command:
- The electric
- Pneumatic control
- Mixed control (pneumatic and electric)
- Mechanical control
Driving smoke hatches can be made both manually, the user automatically with built in  thermal detector, or direct control panel from alarm detection station .

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